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What to consider?

Who will be running the software? A single research group license covers one principal investigator and their group members. Two-group licenses cover multiple research groups or large groups with multiple principal investigators. The departmental license covers all research groups within a single department at a university or college. The site license covers all research groups on campus.

How and where the software will be run? Core-limited licenses are best for standalone workstations, however, please note that license capacity must be commensurate with the total number of CPU cores on all the computers where Q-Chem will be installed. The unlimited license is best suited for computer clusters or a larger number of individual workstations. Multiple sites will require separate licenses, although each subsequent license is heavily discounted. Examples of separate sites are group cluster, university supercomputer, compute resources in the cloud.

License Type
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License Coverage
License Coverage
Number of Cores
Number of Nodes
Include BrianQC module for NVIDIA GPU computing
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