Q-Chem Developer Felix Plasser Awarded EuChemS Walter Thiel Award

April 2nd, 2023

Image of Felix Plasser

Congratulations to Q-Chem developer Felix Plasser, who has been awarded the EuChemS Walter Thiel Award in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry! This award is recognizes the exemplary scientific contributions of young scientists. Felix is recognized for his work in computational photochemistry and methods development, particularly his work with excited-state methods. Along with his long list of accomplishments (including the development of several novel computational approaches, many publications, and his work in the TheoDORE and COLUMBUS packages), he has also made significant contributions to Q-Chem software package, particularly to our wavefunction analysis methods.

The award will officially be presented at the upcoming European Conference of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (EuChemS CompChem). For more information about the award, click here. Congratulations again, Felix!